By | February 21st, 2018

As a driver, you want to avoid accidents at all cost. Aside from all the financial consequences of being involved in a car accident, the more important factor that you think of is the safety of everyone involved. Every time you get inside a vehicle to drive, you are operating a dangerous piece of machinery that not only affects you but everyone and everything that you will encounter on the road. Whether you’re an experienced driver or someone who just got their driver’s license, there will always be.

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By | February 15th, 2018

Defensive driving requires that you anticipate the possible moves of the traffic around you. Anticipating the actions of other motorists is doable because you’re a motorist yourself. However, doing the same for semi-trucks is more difficult because their handling and maneuvering capabilities are radically different from any vehicle you are used to driving. It’s especially important to watch for dangerous maneuvers that some less-than-professional truck drivers might try. Here are three such maneuvers to watch for: Quick Lane Switching A semi-truck has big blind spots on its left and right.

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By | February 2nd, 2018

The loss of a loved one is a very difficult moment in any person’s life; surviving family members must continue living with the burden of severe emotional pain and significant financial loss. There are ways to get compensated for a loved one’s death; this is especially true if the death is caused by another person or entity’s negligence. This is where a wrongful death lawsuit comes in. A wrongful death lawsuit is a claim for monetary compensation, also called “damages”, from a party whose carelessness resulted in another.

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By | February 1st, 2018

People who drive trucks will often point out that there are comparatively few accidents involving large trucks on a yearly basis. Many people who drive alongside large trucks on the highway will tell themselves the same thing, and this might help to alleviate the anxiety that they might feel in the presence of such a huge vehicle. It is true that people are comparatively less likely to be involved in a truck accident. However, when these accidents do occur, they are significantly more likely to be fatal. Many people seem.

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By | January 25th, 2018

When a semi-truck drives without a trailer, it’s said to be bobtailing. Tractor-trailer rigs often do this after dropping off a trailer or when going somewhere to pick one up. Sometimes truck drivers will use their tractors for personal transportation when they aren’t on the job. Although this practice seems harmless enough, tractors by themselves are very poor at hard braking and very difficult to control on slippery roads. There’s nothing illegal about the practice, and trucking wouldn’t be possible without bobtailing. Why a Bobtailing Truck Brakes and Handles So Poorly.

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By | January 18th, 2018

Many people regard turn signal use as an unimportant part of driving. After all, if you look before changing lanes or turning at intersections, it isn’t needed, right? Looking without signaling isn’t enough because if you’re like other human beings, you sometimes make mistakes such as failing to see a vehicle that could be affected by your turn. This is especially true in crowded and complex traffic situations. Turn signals also increase your predictability to the other vehicles around you. The predictability of other cars allows you to navigate your.

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By | December 28th, 2017

Aggressive driving is characterized by actions that endanger other motorists. These include tailgating, improper lane changing, speeding, illegal passing, running red lights and stop signs, failure to yield, and driving on the shoulder. It’s clear these actions are dangerous under any circumstances and can injure or kill other motorists in a crash. However, aggressive driving in some circumstances is so dangerous to the extreme that a car accident is highly probable. Here are three of these: Bad Weather Aggressive driving in bad weather such as in heavy fog can readily.

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By | December 21st, 2017

When a large truck collides with a car, statistics do not favor the occupants of the car. In the case of a pedestrian-truck accident, fatality statistics are even more lopsided against the pedestrian. Just as motorists shouldn’t treat trucks as they would other cars, pedestrians should do the same. The truck’s size, weight, and turning radius make it less capable of dodging pedestrians and, therefore, make it more deadly than cars. Be safe by following these three tips: Use Your Ears The diesel engines of trucks have a distinctly different.

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By | November 30th, 2017

Some victims of a truck accident suffer great hardship because their injuries prevent them from earning an income while their medical bills pile up. This hardship came about because two misconceptions prevented them from getting fair compensation. They didn’t see themselves as victims, and they trusted their insurance would cover their expenses. Here are the two misconceptions explained in greater detail: Truck Drivers Are Skilled Professionals Who Rarely Cause Accidents Motorists who believe this myth assume their accident was bad luck or was somehow their fault. The truth is some.

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By | November 16th, 2017

The driving public shares the road with commercial trucks because our economy depends on them. However, the drivers of these trucks must operate their vehicles safely with skill and professionalism. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, and a truck accident with a car may cause the wrongful death of a family member or a loved one. Here are four reasons for these accidents: Truck Driver Fatigue or Drowsiness To protect the public, federal regulations limit the daily and weekly work hours of truck drivers. In an effort to meet deadlines or.

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