Aggressive driving is characterized by actions that endanger other motorists. These include tailgating, improper lane changing, speeding, illegal passing, running red lights and stop signs, failure to yield, and driving on the shoulder. It’s clear these actions are dangerous under any circumstances and can injure or kill other motorists in a crash. However, aggressive driving in some circumstances is so dangerous to the extreme that a car accident is highly probable. Here are three of these:

Bad Weather

Aggressive driving in bad weather such as in heavy fog can readily cause an accident. For example, passing on a two lane highway when the visibility is under 50 feet doesn’t allow enough reaction time to avoid a head-on crash should the driver encounter another car in the opposing lane. The same is true of driving on the shoulder where cars tend to pull over in fog or in heavy rain. Speeding and erratic maneuvers on icy roads nearly guarantee an accident.

Sun Glare

In the late fall and winter, the sun is low in the sky during rush hour traffic. For those without a good pair of sunglasses, visibility is very poor. However, this doesn’t necessarily slow down the aggressive driver. Some are risk takers and will take chances such as making left turns at intersections without being able to see the traffic situation in front of them.

Aggressive drivers with sunglasses, may not realize that other drivers without them are still blinded by the glare. This is the case when the sun is low in the sky behind the aggressive driver and, therefore, is shining into the eyes of drivers in the opposing lane. A sudden left turn in front of oncoming traffic may cause a crash. Likewise, passing on a two lane road where the sun is behind the aggressive driver means that cars in the opposing lane won’t see him and won’t slow down or move to the shoulder to let him complete his pass.


A distracted aggressive driver combines two deadly habits. Sometimes the distraction is caused by fixating on the actions of another driver to the exclusion of all else on the road. Or perhaps his own emotions have placed him in a distracted state. Some drivers will multitask while driving aggressively because they do it out of habit. If anything, aggressive driving demands more attention to the road rather than less. It’s just a matter of time before the distracted aggressive driver involves another car in a crash.

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