The driving public shares the road with commercial trucks because our economy depends on them. However, the drivers of these trucks must operate their vehicles safely with skill and professionalism. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, and a truck accident with a car may cause the wrongful death of a family member or a loved one. Here are four reasons for these accidents:

Truck Driver Fatigue or Drowsiness

To protect the public, federal regulations limit the daily and weekly work hours of truck drivers. In an effort to meet deadlines or to make more pay, some truck drivers violate these regulations and place the public at risk when fatigue and drowsiness interfere with their ability to drive safely. Fatigue produces similar levels of driver impairment as alcohol.

Excessive Speed and Aggressive Driving

Some truck drivers resort to speeding to get around the work hour limitations set by federal law. Increased speed accompanied by aggressive driving allow some drivers, who are paid by miles driven, to increase their pay and meet deadlines. Higher speeds increase braking distance and reduce maneuverability, while aggressive driving causes drivers to take dangerous risks.

Poor Maintenance

The trucking company is responsible for the upkeep of their truck fleet, and truck drivers are required to do pre-trip inspections each day. Money saving efforts by the company can adversely affect fleet maintenance, and negligent truck drivers may skip or conduct incomplete pre-trip inspections.

Truck tire blowouts endanger the public when drivers neglect to check tire tread condition and air pressure. Failure to replace burnt-out lights and to keep trailer lights and reflectors clean can cause deadly nighttime underride accidents. When trailer lights and reflectors aren’t visible, the trailer itself becomes invisible at night. This is especially true of empty flatbed trailers.

Improperly Loaded Cargo

Haste to meet deadlines affects more than the trucker’s driving. Some drivers may not spend sufficient time to ensure their cargo is properly loaded. This can result in poorly balanced or secured loads that may shift in transit and cause a loss of control or a rollover.

If you lost a loved one because of a truck accident, a wrongful death case can recover losses such as medical bills, future earnings, funeral and burial costs, as well as pain and suffering. Contact us for a free consultation.

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