What’s worse than an aggressive motorist? Answer: an aggressive truck driver in an 80,000 pound tractor-trailer. Unfortunately, aggressive truck drivers are a common occurrence and pose a deadly threat to the driving public. Unlike ordinary drivers, they’re supposed to be professionals held to a higher standard. And while plenty of truly professional truck drivers do exist, the high numbers of aggressive truck drivers mean that you will very likely have an encounter with one.

The Causes of Aggressive Truck Driving

There are several reasons for this problem. Sometimes it’s caused by the driver’s temperament or emotional state. Such people shouldn’t be on the road, much less drive a truck. However, a more common reason is the need to cover more ground in order to make more money. Most truck drivers are paid by the mile. Many factors make it difficult to drive sufficient miles such as traffic congestion, delays, and regulations that limit their driving hours.

These pressures can cause¬†them to tailgate vehicles driving too slowly in passing lanes. Of course, “slowly” is a relative term. Even a motorist driving the speed limit in a passing lane will get in the way of a truck driver committed to meeting their daily mileage quota, even if it means exceeding speed limits. Truckers may drive aggressively in other ways such as excessive lane changing.

However, the pressures of their profession don’t justify endangering the public, and while making a good living as a truck driver isn’t easy today, many manage to do so without driving aggressively.

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Aggressive Truck Drivers

  • Use passing lanes for passing. Do most of your driving in the middle and rightmost lanes, and use the leftmost lanes for passing only. If the traffic seems congested in the middle and right¬†lanes, increase your following distance accordingly.
  • Move over when a truck tailgates you. Don’t become an aggressive driver yourself by playing games or otherwise trying to frustrate the truck driver. A tailgating tractor-trailer endangers your safety and you should move over to the next lane to your right. Don’t let pride get you involved in a truck accident.
  • Don’t linger beside a truck. This is especially true of the truck’s right side. The driver may not know you’re there and an aggressive trucker may make a sudden move into your lane.

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