Some victims of a truck accident suffer great hardship because their injuries prevent them from earning an income while their medical bills pile up. This hardship came about because two misconceptions prevented them from getting fair compensation. They didn’t see themselves as victims, and they trusted their insurance would cover their expenses. Here are the two misconceptions explained in greater detail:

Truck Drivers Are Skilled Professionals Who Rarely Cause Accidents

Motorists who believe this myth assume their accident was bad luck or was somehow their fault. The truth is some truck drivers are highly skilled professionals with long unblemished work histories. However, there are also many others who drive while distracted, or drive while drowsy from lack of sleep. Although there are federal regulations that mandate minimum sleep and rest, truckers don’t always comply. Other truck drivers compensate for the sleep requirements by driving faster and more aggressively.

Trucking companies don’t always perform a thorough background and work history check on their new drivers. This means there are truckers on the road who aren’t highly skilled professionals with unblemished records. Some truckers have a history of traffic violations and accidents because of bad driving habits. Few people change their habits because the effort is too difficult. Sometimes, good truck drivers are pressured into driving faster and getting little rest because of the impossible schedules forced on them by their employers.

My Insurance Company Will Give Me Fair Compensation

There’s no doubt a good insurance policy is valuable in defraying your costs when recovering from a truck related accident. However, the first priority of all successful insurance companies is to thrive as businesses, and part of doing that is reducing costs. This means they’re biased toward reducing pay outs to victims if they deem them excessive. Medical costs today are very high but necessary for your recovery. The extent of your recovery and long-term health shouldn’t be decided by an insurance company.

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