Truck Accident: Three Pedestrian Safety Tips


When a large truck collides with a car, statistics do not favor the occupants of the car. In the case of a pedestrian-truck accident, fatality statistics are even more lopsided against the pedestrian. Just as motorists shouldn’t treat trucks as they would other cars, pedestrians should do the same. The truck’s size, weight, and turning radius make it less capable of dodging pedestrians and, therefore, make it more deadly than cars. Be safe by following these three tips:

Use Your Ears

The diesel engines of trucks have a distinctly different sound from those of cars. When walking on the shoulder of a road, keep your ears open for this sound. You’ll be able to hear them coming around a bend or from behind. Likewise, when crossing in front of one on a crosswalk, don’t assume the driver can see you, especially if you can’t see her face. If you hear the engine revving, it’s starting to accelerate. Quickly move out of its path.

Walk on the Left Shoulder of the Road

While this may seem like basic common sense, many people still walk on the right side. They are placing complete trust in the drivers of the vehicles behind them. Like motorists, truckers also drive while drowsy or distracted. Because their large size means there’s less clearance, a distracted truck driver is more likely to hit you.

Bear in Mind That Trucks Make Wide Turns

Motorists and pedestrians alike underestimate the space required by trucks for their turns. If one is turning at an intersection, don’t count on the crosswalk to keep you safe. Go back to the sidewalk and wait for the truck to complete its turn.

Bicyclists and pedestrians have been struck by the trailers of turning trucks coming up from behind them. These people stopped in the middle of the street to allow the truck to complete its turn but failed to realize that they were in the pathway of the trailer. Understand that trucks have huge blind spots and that their drivers may not see you.

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