We are creatures of habit for a reason. Habits get you through daily routines with little mental effort. This is usually a good thing, but not always. Sometimes the habit, such as your commuting route to work, isn’t the best way to do something. People often choose their commuting routes on the basis of shortest distance. However, this often isn’t the safest or even the quickest way to get there. Another tendency of a lot of people is “winging it” when doing something new for the first time such as finding an address. This sets you up for a lot of distracted riding.

Both of these tendencies can expose you to a higher risk of getting into a motorcycle accident. With a little planning, you can ride more safely and make your life easier. Here are three ways of doing this:

Use Maps to Reassess Your Commute Route

Does the traffic make you feel tense on the way to work? Have you had close calls on some of the intersections of your commute route? Traffic intensity and dangerous intersections on your commute route are risks factors that you accept twice a day. Someday, your luck may run out. However, you don’t have to accept these risks, because there’s usually more than one way to get to a destination. The more urbanized your locality, the more options you have. Use a map to try out alternate routes that are safer.

Choose routes that go through less populated areas, have fewer intersections, require fewer left turns, and avoid railroad tracks that cross the road at skewed angles.

Check for Road Construction on the Internet

Construction zones are very hazardous for motorcyclists. The road surfaces can be uneven, unpaved, or filled with gravel. The motorists that share the road with you are often impatient, or distracted by the construction activity. When commuting, look for signs announcing if and when road construction is planned. Alter your route to avoid the affected roads.

When planning new routes, go online and look for road construction websites. A Google search for road construction near your town is a good start to finding information websites.

Know Your Riding Directions in Advance

When riding to a new address, familiarize yourself with the directions before getting on your motorcycle. Pulling out and reading directions as you go is distracted riding, which increases your accident risk. If you’re using a GPS device, program it before leaving on your trip. Check the destination address on Google street view to familiarize yourself with visual cues and landmarks.

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