Motorcyclists are rightfully concerned about the dangers of distracted motorists. The idea of getting hit by a two ton car because the driver was texting or eating breakfast is a scary thought. However, motorcycle riders also engage in distractions that put their lives at risk. Focused attention is more important for bikers than motorists because bikers are more vulnerable to injury.

Distractions that cause motorcycle accidents include the following:

Cell Phone Use

Most people carry cell phones on their person, and motorcyclists are no exception. Although many riders are aware of the dangers of cell phone use, sometimes compelling reasons for making a call will come up. However, are they worth spending weeks or months in a hospital? If you must make a call, pull over to a safe spot before calling.

Gadget Use

Using a GPS, adjusting your radio, or placing a CD into your player takes your eyes away from the road. When you’re riding fast or the road is congested with traffic, things happen quickly and taking your eyes off the road for even a few seconds can cause an accident.

Roadside Distractions

Beautiful scenery, a roadside accident, or a someone being pulled over by the police are all distractions that take your eyes off the traffic situation around you. Staying accident free requires defensive riding, which demands your mental focus on anticipating and avoiding the mistakes of others on the road. Keep your eyes and mind focused on the things that matter.

Emotional Distraction

This is a type of distraction that few people know about. Intense emotion interferes with critical thinking. What kind of emotion would do that to you? Anger or aggravation caused by bad drivers is a common emotion that’s intensely felt by riders. Like other riding distractions, anger takes the mind off your defensive riding and focuses it exclusively on the object of your anger.

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