The motorcycle’s design gives it great agility on the road but also makes it less stable than four-wheeled vehicles. This makes motorcycles vulnerable to pavement irregularities, sand, debris, and other road conditions that present only a minor annoyance to motorists. The problem only gets worse in road construction zones, which are full of “booby traps” waiting for the unwary motorcyclist. Here are five construction zone hazards that cause motorcycle accidents:

  • Poor road friction. Road surfaces in construction zones are anything but ideal. They can be unpaved with loose sand, gravel, water, and excessive crack sealant. While these hazards are dangerous by themselves, they are more so in a construction zone where the motorcyclist is also coping with packed traffic and other construction hazards at the same time.
  • Poor road surface. The road surfaces are often unfinished and may have milling grooves running parallel to the direction of travel. Steel plates are sometimes used to cover holes. These plates are slippery when wet and cause a sudden elevation change in the surface. Manhole covers are common and present similar hazards. Sometimes the road surface has different elevations (such as when one surface is missing its top layer) that cause a sudden elevation change where they meet. This sudden height change is especially dangerous when it runs parallel to your direction of travel.
  • Pooled Water. Pools of water can hide potholes, manhole covers, and other road surface dangers. Don’t ride on surfaces you can’t see.
  • Road barriers. While road barriers protect four-wheeled traffic, some are direct threats to the motorcyclist. Wire barriers for example, can cause severe injury such as amputations. Barrels can knock the motorcyclist off his or her bike.
  • Tailgating. Vehicles tailgating the motorcyclist can cause a rear-end accident in sudden traffic slowdowns. The biker can counter this by allowing extra space in front. Motorcyclists tailgating vehicles in front of them have no view of upcoming surface hazards and can hit one without warning.

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