Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

January 14th, 2016 by Patrick Hogan

Many people enjoy riding motorcycles around town. However, riders are finding that motorcycle accidents are on the rise, causing a variety of injuries ranging from bruises to fatal injuries.

They are often occur because of inexperience, intoxication, and inattention, and some of the most common crashes are caused by: 

Rear-end accidents – In many instances, rear-end accidents happen when drivers don’t see riders or they incorrectly judge the distance. As a result, riders may be pushed into oncoming traffic, which could have fatal consequences. 

Broadside collisions – These typically take place in intersections because a driver ran a red light or stop sign, and they are incredibly dangerous for motorcyclists. 

Left turn collisions – Left turn collisions occur when the driver of a vehicle cuts off a motorcycle due to lack of attention. This type of crash is very dangerous to riders, and can cause serious or fatal injuries.

Limited visibility crashes – Often times, motorcycle crashes happen when someone behind the wheel of a car isn’t paying enough attention or can’t see a motorcycle in dense traffic.

Unsafe lane changes – These have caused numerous motorcycle accidents throughout the country, resulting in severe injuries. An unsafe lane change means a driver switched lanes without looking or signaling.

Drunk drivers – Those who drive drunk exhibit poor judgement and experience poor reflexes, both of which can lead to serious or deadly results for motorcyclists. 

No matter how careful you are while riding, an accident can still happen. If you sustained injuries in a crash because of another driver’s negligence, please contact us for a free consultation.

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