Some people think that driving at night is inherently more dangerous than driving during the day, especially when it comes to trucks. It’s clear that there are risks associated with operating such large vehicles, and the truck accident statistics of the modern world will always make that clear. Truck drivers will already have a lot of problems when it comes to seeing other vehicles at the right time. It would seem that driving at night would just make all of that worse. However, it is interesting to note that it seems that most truck accidents still happen during the day.

A full 17 percent of crashes involving large trucks happen between noon and three in the afternoon. An additional 17 percent of the crashes like this will occur between nine in the morning and noon. Truck accidents occur nearly as frequently between six and nine in the morning and between three and six in the afternoon. It’s clear that these are the most dangerous hours when it comes to truck accidents.

Only eight percent of crashes involving big trucks occur between nine in the evening and midnight, which is less than half of what people can expect at certain other points throughout the day. It should also be noted that 15 percent of other crashes occur between nine in the evening and midnight. Truck accidents are relatively rare at this time, but this is not the case for many other types of vehicular accidents.

This is an interesting phenomenon. It might be a function of the fact that trucks are less likely to be operating at night in the first place. Then again, there are truck drivers who will drive through the night in order to reach a destination on time. The training that truck drivers receive might also help them when it comes to night driving. One way or another, truck accidents are more common during the sunniest parts of the day and not the darkest ones.

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