The long working hours of truck drivers place them at a higher risk of getting into an accident than the rest of the driving public. Despite this danger, too many truck drivers don’t use their seat belts. Here are three false reasons seat belts are often ignored:

The Truck’s Large Size Provides Protection

When two vehicles collide, the occupants of the larger vehicle tend to fare better. However, this is a generalization that doesn’t apply to every situation. For example, a large truck doesn’t keep the driver safe when colliding with another truck of equal size. A soft shoulder or an emergency maneuver can cause a truck to go off the road. The truck may strike a large tree or go down an embankment. The truck’s size will not help in these situations.

Low-Speed Driving Doesn’t Require a Seat Belt

Low-speed driving does not guarantee safety. Collision with a high speed vehicle, another truck, or going off the road are all sufficiently violent to cause injury. A rollover truck accident subjects the driver and/or passenger to severe motions that can cause injury or eject them from the cab. A seat (and shoulder) belt will hold occupants in place.

The Driver Has an Accident Free Driving Record

This is complacent thinking. No matter how many years a driver has been free of accidents, there is always a first time. Barring mistakes by the driver, accidents can still happen from mechanical failure such as a tire blowout. Being a good driver doesn’t guarantee that a poor driver won’t hit you with their vehicle.

Many truck drivers forgo seat belts out of habit and don’t have, or can’t remember, their reason for not using one. Regardless, not using seat belts means they can suffer severe injury or be killed in a truck accident that would have otherwise been survivable.

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