Blind Spots and Truck Accidents


Thousands of accidents involving large trucks happen every year on California highways.

Many of these crashes are avoidable.  More and more drivers in the United States are sharing the road with these vehicles.

Many vehicles are operating at different speeds. The maximum speed on California highways is 65 mph.  Some areas allow 70 mph if posted.  Tractor trailer units are limited to 55 mph.  Highways with four or more lanes require large trucks to remain in the two farthest right hand lanes.  These two lanes are also shared with many cars.

Blind spots are a significant hazard for truck drivers.  Trucks have multiple mirrors to help increase their visibility.  There are a growing number of high-tech warning devices being invented as well.  These additional devices help but do not completely eradicate the problem of blind spots.

The blind spots for trucks are the areas directly behind and directly in front of the vehicle as well as close to the truck on both the left and right sides.  Car drivers should avoid these areas when possible.  The truck driver cannot see you.  There are times when absolute avoidance is impossible.  It is best to spend as little time in them.  Pass quickly and leave plenty of room between you and the truck.  A good rule of thumb when driving behind a truck is to remember that if you cannot see the trucks mirrors, then the truck driver can’t see you.

Being aware of the truck’s blind spots will make the road safer for you, the trucker, and everyone around you.

One additional factor that contributes to highway accidents involving trucks is speed.  Vehicles operating at 55 mph need at least 400 feet to stop.  If a truck suddenly notices a vehicle appearing out of its blind spot when changing lanes, it may not be able to avoid collision.

We share the road with many vehicles.  Staying aware of our surroundings and the hazards on the highway can prevent serious accidents

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