Intersections are messy situations involving traffic coming from different directions. This complexity demands greater attention and focus that many distracted motorists are unwilling to give. This makes intersections especially dangerous for the motorcyclist. However, you can mitigate the risk by following these seven tips on avoiding motorcycle accidents at intersections:

  • Avoid intersections whenever possible. The less often you expose yourself to risky situations, the less likely an accident will happen. If your commute route takes you through nightmarish intersections, there’s no need to accept that risk twice daily. Change your route. The increased safety and reduced stress more than justify the extra mileage.
  • Learn how to read the intentions of motorists. People don’t always use their turn signals. Because of this, inferring their intentions is useful. For example, motorists will generally position themselves on the side of the lane that helps their turn. Therefore, they will position themselves on the left side for a left turn, and so forth. Many will also position their front wheels in the same way while waiting for the traffic light to change.
  • Be extra careful of left turning cars. This is one of the most common motorcycle/car accidents. Be aware of the cars waiting to turn left, and don’t assume they see you even if their eyes are looking your way. You don’t know whether they’re looking at you or through you.
  • Keep your controls covered. Make a habit of covering your clutch and brakes when entering an intersection. This quickens your response time should the unexpected happen.
  • Slow down and look. If the light is green, slow down anyway because a car on a side street may make a right turn in front of you. Also look both ways just in case someone is about to run a red light.
  • Use your high beams. Make yourself more visible at intersections by using your high beams. Keep them on steady rather than flashing them.
  • Scan the entire intersection before entering. Learn how to scan and quickly assess the traffic around you. This skill is useful in many traffic situations.

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