In multiple vehicle crashes, fault may be assigned to one of the drivers or shared by a number of them. Sometimes an outside party is found at fault because of a defective mechanical part or an unsafe road feature.

In single-vehicle motorcycle accidents, there is only one vehicle operator who may or may not be at fault. As with multiple vehicle crashes, an outside party may share or be entirely at fault. If you were involved in a single-vehicle motorcycle accident, don’t assume you have no legal recourse in the matter. Consult with an attorney.

Here are eight types and causes of single-vehicle motorcycle accidents in which the fault may or may not lie with the motorcycle operator:

  • Collisions with animals. Animals are often unpredictable in how they react to motor vehicle traffic. Deer tend to cause the most problems because of their population size, skittish nature, and their nocturnal activity. Hitting such a large animal may result in severe injury or death.
  • Collision with road infrastructure and objects lining the road. These include medians, guard-rails, road construction concrete barriers, power lines, and telephone poles.
  • Collision with objects when going off the road. Trees, rocks, uneven terrain, and structures, are among the many hazards encountered.
  • Collisions with obstacles on the road. The motorcycle’s relative instability makes them highly vulnerable to road obstacles such as debris, fallen tree limbs, and cargo dropped from trucks.
  • Collisions caused by road defects such as potholes, ruts, and bumps.
  • Collisions caused by poor road traction. Oil, sand, grease, and painted or taped surfaces may cause a loss of traction.
  • Collisions caused by an evasive maneuver. Motorists who are distracted, intoxicated, drowsy, aggressive, or who simply fail to see the motorcycle, may force the¬†motorcyclist¬†to swerve violently out of the vehicle’s way and get into a single-vehicle accident. Sometimes the other vehicle drives away unaware of the motorcyclist’s accident.
  • Collisions caused by defective motorcycle parts. Tire defects, faulty braking system components, handlebar defects, or unstable handling characteristics caused by poor design may interfere with control of the bike.

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