Ignorance of the law will not likely be an adequate defense when involved in a liability suit. That’s the reason for the saying that “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” The illegality of some driving acts is apparent to most people such as violating the speed limit, running red lights, or passing a school bus while its lights are flashing.

However, there are many ways that drivers can unknowingly commit negligent driving acts. If you get into an accident while doing any of these four examples of negligence, you could be found at fault, or at least partially at fault:

Driving With Under Inflated Tires

Low air pressure in your tires diminishes your car’s handling, especially when making emergency maneuvers to avoid a collision. It may increase your braking distance when the traffic in front suddenly stops. Generally speaking, in a rear end collision, the car behind is usually found at fault. Under inflation can also damage your tires and cause a blowout. If this blowout causes a car accident with another motorist, you’re at fault.

Driving the Speed Limit When the Roads Are Wet

Driving on wet roads isn’t particularly difficult. This is why so many people don’t slow down in wet conditions. However, making hard stops on wet pavement isn’t possible because there is less traction than in dry conditions. If you were driving the speed limit on a wet road but couldn’t stop in time to avoid a car accident, you will likely be found at fault because you were driving too fast for the conditions. The posted speed limits only apply to ideal road conditions.

Driving With Headlights or Tail Lights Covered in Mud

Most people understand that driving with burned out headlights or tail lights is dangerous. However, some fail to recognize that any reason for dim headlights or tail lights caused by neglect on the owner’s part is negligent driving. Dirt buildup is easy to clean and failing to do this simple task endangers the driver and other motorists on the road.


Why is having deep thoughts or letting your mind wander a problem? Because it’s recognized as a form of distracted driving. Distracted driving isn’t limited to cell phone use or texting. If your mind isn’t on your driving or your eyes aren’t directed at the traffic situation in front of you, and you get into an accident, then it was caused by distracted driving, which is a form of negligence.

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