Motorcycle season has begun. Motorcycle inspections are required in most but not all states. Riders should inspect their motorcycles carefully at the beginning of the season whether a state inspection is required or due or not. Many things can change while a bike is in storage or parked for an extended period.


Lights are needed to see and be seen. Some models have multiple lights while others have only one main headlight. Check for low and high beam operation.


Check for wear and rot.  Check for proper inflation. Check for damage to the rims as well.


Many states have equipment restrictions. Are you in compliance? Check for damage and loose bolts.


Make sure your brakes will stop your bike and brake evenly. Check the hand brake cable for damage.

Loose parts

Motorcycles vibrate. Many things can loosen up over the course of a riding season.


How old is the battery? Did you have it on trickle charge over the winter? Will it hold a charge? Check the cables to ensure they are tight and not damaged.

Fluid Levels and Leaks

Check the oil and top off as needed. Check for any puddles of oil underneath. Run your hand underneath to check for any fluid.

Start your bike!  How does it sound? Check for any rattles or noises that don’t sound familiar.  It is a good idea to go on a short ride of no more than a mile or two just to check basic operation.  Recheck your motorcycle when you return home. Make corrections as needed and enjoy another safe riding season.

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by defective equipment. Don’t let a minor mechanical problem cause an accident.  Maintain your bike and it will give you many miles of enjoyment. Don’t hesitate to call our experienced firm if you are involved in an accident.

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