As all motorcyclists know, or should know, they have a visibility problem. They lack the size and basic shape of four-wheeled vehicles. Because of this, motorists may not notice them in busy traffic situations or at night. If you add to this the distractions of driver multitasking, motorcycling is clearly a high-risk activity.

Motorcyclists should ride as though they’re invisible and increase their visibility by choosing the right colored bikes, helmets, and clothing. Using their headlights during the day also helps. Reflective clothing and strips assist in increasing their night visibility. In addition to this, motorcyclists can substantially increase their visibility, especially at night, by using LED lighting. This lighting includes:


LED headlights are much brighter than conventional filament bulb lights. They produce less heat, which means more electrical power is converted into light. This increases visibility during the day and night. The light closely resembles daylight, which improves the rider’s view of the road. Yet another safety benefit is their ruggedness. They can easily withstand road vibration and last longer than standard filament bulbs. This means you’re less likely to find yourself with a burnt out headlight at night.

Tail and Brake Lights

Tail and brake lights are as important as headlights in motorcycle accident prevention. A dim brake light may get you rear-ended because the traffic behind you doesn’t know when you’re braking during the day. A dim tail light makes you less visible from behind at night. The danger of getting rear-ended is especially acute in fog. The exceptional brightness of LED lights goes a long way toward mitigating these problems.

Accent and Underglow Lighting

This type of lighting not only increases the coolness factor of your bike but increases your night visibility. Their unusual nature will often attract the attention of other drivers, which is a good thing since invisibility is the enemy. They also improve your visibility from the side. Note that you must conform to the requirements of California law in their use.

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