Motorcyclists are riding on almost every road throughout the country now that we have arrived into summer. Riding with friends is enjoyable and riding safely is everyone’s goal.

Riding staggered is the safest and proper way to ride with other motorcycles.

The lead rider stays on the left. The second rider stays on the right one second behind the first rider. The first rider should have a clear view of the second rider in their right mirror. Additional riders ride in the same staggered fashion. The third rider stays on the left one second behind rider number two etc.

The one-second rule is the best tool to use to maintain an appropriate distance between motorcycles. The distant between bikes should allow for one second to pass before the trailing bike arrives at the same location.

Staggered riding makes it easy to quickly move into single file formation. The need to move into a single lane formation can come up quickly and may not be immediately known by other riders. Hazards in the road are many. When a hazard appears, a rider can quickly move to the left or right to avoid the hazard and return to their place without causing a risk to other riders. Hazards include potholes, objects in the road, bicyclists, and parked cars.

Single file is safest when riding through curves and twisties.  Riding staggered makes it an easy task to move back and forth to a single file and to take those tight curves safely. Staggered riding provides all riders the ability to get out of each other’s way prevents drifting into the path of another rider.

Ride safe this season. Contact our experienced law firm if you are involved in an accident on your motorcycle.

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