Avoid Motorcycle Accidents This Spring


After a long winter, the first signs of spring beacon us to take out the cycle and hit the road. But spring weather does not always bring perfect driving conditions. That’s why it’s important to stay safe on your motorcycle this spring by following these 4 important tips on how to avoid motorcycle accidents.

Be mindful of road conditions

Wet spring weather means slick, slippery roads. Of course heavy rainfall is dangerous, but be especially cautious when the first drops fall or when there is early morning fog, mist or light drizzle. The layer of oil and exhaust residue on the asphalt mixes with the moisture and forms a soapy substance that is particularly dangerous. Also, fallen leaves, gravel or dirt mixed with water create potential problems.

In colder temperatures, wet roads mean possible ice or frost. If you must use your motorcycle in these conditions, be extra cautious and use slow speeds and avoid sudden turns.

Keep a firm grip on the handlebars in case of strong gusts of wind.

In general, the best advice for driving in slippery conditions is to drive at slower speeds and avoid sudden bursts of acceleration.

Wear appropriate gear

It is essential to stay warm and dry. Being cold and driving are dangerous because it alters your concentration and reaction time. Protect your hands, feet and head with warm, waterproof gear. Outer wear should be made of reflective material or have added strips.

A good helmet is necessary in all driving conditions. Keep the shield clean using a special water-repellent product and replace it if it gets scratched.

Keep your machine in good condition

Before you get back on the road this spring make sure your bike is ready to go. Tune it up and adjust settings for wet and cool weather driving. Check your tires for solid tread and adjust them to the correct pressure for slippery conditions. Be sure to check your lights and turn signals.

Drive defensively

Drive with extra caution when the weather is bad. Widen the distance between you and other vehicles and allow for longer breaking distances. Do not weave in and out of traffic and most importantly, drive at a slower speed. Be especially aware of others, both drivers and pedestrians. Driving in bad weather is difficult for everyone. If the conditions are really dangerous, the best tip for your safety is to leave your motorcycle at home.

We hope you drive safely and enjoy the warmer weather this spring. If you are ever in a motorcycle accident contact us for a free initial consultation.

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