Expressways lack many of the hazards common to ordinary urban and rural roads. Traffic doesn’t enter from side streets, driveways, and parking lots, and the traffic flow is more uniform. But expressways have their own unique set of dangers that can cause motorcycle accidents. In addition, if an accident should happen on an expressway, the higher speeds increase its injury and fatality potential. This is why motorcyclists should exercise caution and avoid these two dangerous riding mistakes:

Riding Into the Blind Spots of Other Vehicles

When passing a vehicle in the next lane over, it’s impossible not to pass through its blind spot. However, you should do this quickly once you’ve established that the vehicle’s driver has no intention of moving into your lane. That is, there’s no turn signal, or the driver isn’t looking over her shoulder.

Equally important is never moving into another vehicle’s blind spot from another lane. When changing lanes, do it well in front of, or behind, the vehicle in the next lane over from the lane you’re moving into. This is a riding subtlety that escapes many people.

Riding Closely Behind Large Vehicles

Motorcyclists believe they can stop faster than four-wheeled vehicles. This is a misconception because the reality is that four-wheeled vehicles can stop faster than most motorcyclists. Braking hard in a car demands less skill than hard braking on a motorcycle. If you’re an expert motorcyclist, then you can stop just as quickly as most four-wheeled vehicles. Most riders, however, aren’t experts. Braking hard on a motorcycle is yet more difficult on wet pavement. This is why you should allow plenty of following distance, especially in fast-moving expressway traffic.

Yet another reason for increasing your following distance is that tailgating large vehicles blocks your view of road debris, obstacles, and potholes. You have no way of knowing about these hazards until after the vehicle in front has passed over them. When that happens, it’s too late.

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