Deer/truck encounters can occur at any hour. Deer are a danger even in broad daylight because of their skittishness and unpredictability. The hours of dawn and dusk (when they’re most active) and the night hours are the most dangerous to the driving public because of poor visibility. This danger further intensifies in the fall during the deer’s mating season when their activity increases.

A┬ádevastating type of truck accident involve large semi rigs and deer. Ironically, the most deadly accidents occur when trucks swerve to miss them. While this action sometimes saves the animal, it causes the truck to collide with oncoming traffic, run off the road, or overturn and then involve other traffic. The truck driver and the driving public are better off when the truck doesn’t swerve and simply hits the animal. While some deer may crash through a truck’s windshield, most collisions when properly handled by the truck driver involve far less damage than a failed swerving attempt.

When encountering a deer on the road, the truck driver should apply moderate and smooth braking that won’t cause traffic accidents behind him. The driver should maintain a straight course until the deer either moves out of the way or is hit. Another argument against trying to dodge the animal is that the deer’s unpredictable nature may cause it to jump back in front of the truck. Here are six other suggestions for truck drivers:

  • Pay attention to deer crossing signs. These are placed in areas that see frequent road crossings and deer related traffic accidents.
  • Understand that deer are herd animals. One deer sighting means that many unseen deer are probably nearby.
  • Do not flash the headlights. This may cause the deer to freeze.
  • Use the horn.
  • Never overdrive the headlights.
  • Look for glowing deer eyes in the dark. Their eyes reflect light.

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