Distractions and Risk of Traffic Accidents

November 10th, 2016 by Patrick Hogan

Traffic deaths have increased significantly over the last year according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Distracted driving may be involved.  There is no shortage of distractions while driving.

Cellphones have been blamed for increasing traffic accidents.  Some drivers continue to text despite knowing the dangers.  Cellphones are not the only distractions drivers have to contend with.


Many drivers listen to music or even TV shows on their car radio or satellite radio.  Eating and drinking while driving takes our attention from the road.


Pets in the car, especially if unrestrained, can be a distraction or hazard.  Pets can wander around the car and dogs barking can be easily triggered by anything outside the car.


Children in the car are another common source of driver distraction.  Children are required to be restrained while in the car but they are not required to be quiet.  Back seat movie systems are available to keep kids focused and occupied.  These entertainment systems can add another layer of distraction for the driver.

Adding technology has added convenience and increased the number of things we can do at the same time as driving presumably to increase our productivity   These additions may improve our driving experience but it’s uncertain whether they cause more distraction and deter from our safety.

Some technology has been added to vehicles with the intention to make it safer to do more things while we our driving.  Voice operated cell phone use is available.  Newer vehicles have several vehicle controls on the steering wheel.  Some vehicles will even stop on their own.  These additions don’t take away from the limits we have as humans to be able to maintain our focus on the road while we are doing multiple things while driving.

Distractions have always impacted drivers.  Reducing distractions in our cars can have an impact on our risks of having an accident.

Contact our experienced firm if you are involved in an accident caused by distracted driving.

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