With the arrival of fall, the days are getting a cooler and crisper, and the leaves of many trees are starting to change color. It’s certainly a pleasant time of the year for riding, but fall also has its own unique dangers. Enjoy your fall riding, but remember to watch for these four hazards:


Depending on where you ride, the foliage this time of year can be quite spectacular. But those very same objects of beauty can cause a motorcycle accident after they fall on the road. Leaves can hide potholes, cracks, and other types of pavement damage that can cause a fall if you unknowingly ride over it.

Wet leaves are equally dangerous. Sometimes their wetness is obvious, but leaves can be dry on top yet wet on the bottom where the moisture takes longer to dry. Since you can’t tell by looking, always assume the leaves are wet. Be especially careful when rounding bends in the road.


While deer are out and about throughout the year, they’re especially active in the fall because it’s their mating season. Be especially careful during the dawn and dusk hours when deer like to feed under the cover of the dim light. Pay attention to deer crossing signs and note that if you see one deer, there are likely several more nearby. Look for their light reflective eyes in the dark.


Watch for tourists who aren’t watching for you. Preoccupied tourists can suddenly walk on to the road. Slow down when rounding turns because you never know when you might come upon a parked car that’s using up a lot of road space.

Black Ice

Later in the fall in higher elevations such as in the mountains, water puddles and even dew can freeze overnight. This frozen water is called black ice because it looks dark and shiny on the pavement. This hazard can catch you by surprise because parts of the road will have perfect traction while shaded portions may have treacherous black ice. If you find yourself on a small patch of ice, don’t try to turn, brake, accelerate, or decelerate. Go straight over it without doing anything that will put torque on the wheels or require traction with the road.

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