Slip and Fall Injuries

When someone is injured in the property of somebody else’s through tripping over debris or slipping on a wet floor, it is called “slip and fall” injury. Every case is treated as unique, but the decisions in lawsuits are based on the evidence presented and in the case of “slip and fall”, on sowing that the owner of the property was at fault by permitting the dangerous condition to continue. This unit presents the basics and some comprehensive information regarding the slip and fall liability, which includes the articles about the conditions that usually result to slip and fall accidents; the resources about the slip and fall accidents; and many more.

Find out more about Slip and Fall Injuries

  • Slip and Fall Overview: The articles show the basics of slip and fall injuries with sample conditions of slip and fall injuries, ways to show fault, and the types of damages slip and fall victims can be provided.
  • Proving Fault in Slip and Falls Accidents: Who pays for the damages or injuries when somebody is hurt after a “slip and fall” incident? This question poses a complicated issue. Learn about this through this article about how courts decide on who is at fault in slip and fall incidents.
  • Indoor Slip and Falls: There are many slip and falls that can be prevented. Property owners must always see to it that precautions are applied to avoid these accidents, no matter how small they can be. The article explains how courts decide using the reasonable precautions that have been taken to prevent the incidents.
  • Outdoor Slip and Falls: Types of outdoor conditions that can result in outdoor slip and fall incidents. This unit covers the common conditions that can show dangers including poorly organized parking lots, insufficient, lighting, or the ice left unclean.
  • Slip and Fall FAQ: This unit has answers to the frequently-asked questions regarding slip and fall incidents. Find the answers to your issues that are related to slip and fall accountability and many more.
  • Shopping Injuries Overview: This unit comprises the injuries that are commonly happened while on shopping, like slipping and falling on the wet floor, and some information about the store accountability for injuries and filing injury claims.

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