Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents With These Fall Riding Tips


As summer comes to an end and school begins, many people are excited about fall and the drop in the temperature. Many motorcycle fans are still enjoying their time riding, trying to get as much time on their bikes before winter.

Here are some fall riding tips to make sure that you enjoy every moment riding while avoiding any motorcycle accidents!

  • Make sure that you check out the weather before you leave for your ride.
  • Pack riding gear for all weather types, no matter what the weather says. We all love fall but the weather is always unpredictable. You should try to pack rain gear and always have an extra sweatshirt, just in case.
  • Stay away from wet leaves and oil. They will cause a nasty accident so be sure to avoid them at all costs.
  • If you are going away overnight, be sure to have a warm place to store your bike. It is better for your bike if you can keep it in a garage overnight. You will also need to warm it up longer in the morning before you get going.
  • Enjoy the view but watch out for the wildlife. Enjoy the beautiful leaves changing color but watch out for the deer and other wildlife who are going to be more active. There are more accidents in the fall when they are out roaming.

Fall is a beautiful time for riding. It is not as hot as the summer so you can enjoy long rides without sweating. However, you will need to pack extra clothes (and rain gear) just in case the weather changes. You also need to worry about wet leaves and oil on the road. You will also have to keep a lookout for all of the deer and wildlife who are out roaming. Sometimes winter comes early so you should try to have a warm place to store your bike if you stay overnight.

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