Wrongful Death Involving School Children Pedestrians


When school is in session, children are exposed to traffic hazards when crossing streets in front of their schools, when getting on and off buses, and while walking along neighborhood roads. Unfortunately, this exposure causes fatalities every year by motorists who are distracted, intoxicated, negligent, or fail to observe school zone or school bus laws. Common ways in which these fatalities happen include:

Failing to Stop When a School Bus Flashes Its Red Lights

Motorists must stop when a school bus flashes its red lights regardless of whether they’re behind the bus or in front in the opposing lane. They cannot proceed until the flashing light stops, regardless of whether the road looks clear. Too many tragic fatalities occur when impatient motorists try to get by a bus while children¬†disembark.

Failing to Observe School Zone Speed Limits

School zone speed limits exist to protect children crossing the street in front of their schools. Sometimes these limits are only in place when the speed sign lights are flashing. Motorists who feel inconvenienced by the reduced speed or are distracted, may violate the speed limit and fail to see the school kids crossing the road.

Negligent Driving Near School Bus Stops

Some motorists barely slow down when going by a school bus stop filled with children. However, even slowing down isn’t enough. The motorist must watch and be prepared to stop for children who may suddenly dart into the road.

Failing to See Children While Backing out of Driveways

Motorists backing out of driveways sometimes fail to see children on the road who are crossing where the driveway meets the road. Drivers may do this because of distraction or because they’re focused on approaching traffic farther down the road.

If your child died because of the actions of a motorist who failed to follow the law regarding school buses and school crossings, or was otherwise negligent or reckless while driving, a wrongful death lawsuit allows you to hold the appropriate party responsible. For more information, contact us.

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