Tractor-trailer trucks are a common sight on our roadways. This has the effect of desensitizing motorists to their danger. In fact, too many people treat big trucks like any other vehicle on the road. They will linger inside their blind spots, cut them off, and even tailgate them. This behavior invites a truck accident, and it’s guaranteed that it won’t be a fender bender. Semi trucks should make you feel uneasy because their potential danger is real. Here are two unsettling facts about semi truck accidents:

Truck Accidents in Rural Areas Are Often Fatal

Unlike controlled access highways such as interstates, there is no barrier separating opposing traffic lanes on rural highways. If a big truck in the opposing lane suddenly veers in front of you on a narrow rural highway, there isn’t much you can do except drive off the road. However, this isn’t always possible because of a guard rail or trees.

How do trucks lose control on rural roads? Narrow lanes and soft shoulders leave little room for error for truck drivers. A momentary lapse in attention is all it takes for some of the trailer wheels to go off the shoulder. An over correction can cause the truck to veer into your lane. Trucks don’t always stay in their lane when rounding blind corners, which is another cause of head-on accidents.

Trucks Are Often Involved in and Cause Multi-Vehicle Pileups

Chain reaction accidents usually happen on multilane high-speed thoroughfares. Contributing factors for their occurrence are¬†vehicles spaced too closely and traveling too fast for the conditions. Poor visibility and poor traction are the typical road conditions that trigger pileups. Cars are far more nimble and brake more quickly than a 40 ton tractor-trailer. If cars can’t avoid a particular pileup, the semi trucks riding along with them certainly can’t either.

The next time you’re on a congested interstate where the traffic is moving along quickly, increase your following distance and avoid traffic clumps — especially if they have tractor-trailers.¬†In slippery conditions, a semi truck can easily jackknife and cause a pileup. Experienced and cautious truck drivers creep slowly along in these conditions. The others keep up with the rest of the fast lane traffic. Give these trucks a wide berth.

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