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Having a baby is every single intense feeling happening all at once – you’re joyful, tearful, excited, nervous, exhausted, overwhelmed – the list goes on. Taking your baby with you on an adventure is a whole new story and can make you feel anxious about the uncharted territory that is travelling with a baby. You may feel overwhelmed thinking about the logistics of an infant with you on the plane, going around an unfamiliar city, and at the hotel; but, chances are you can ace this just like any other new parent who has taken on this challenge. Nevertheless, it helps to heed a few tips and advice on travelling with your bundle of joy.

The flight

Even though you are not required to book a seat for a child under 2 years old, a car seat is still a safer place for a child during flights than on your lap. Check if your car seat is up to code as not all car seats are designed for air travel. You can either book a separate seat for your baby, or see if you can be placed next to an empty seat, in case the plane is not fully booked.


  • First aid. Make sure to pack a first aid kit for your baby. Bring the prescription medications even though your baby does not need them every day – better be safe than sorry. Prepare an emergency sheet with your baby’s health information or have it saved on your phone. Before the trip, research about your destination for travel advisory on outbreaks and other health hazards.
  • Protection. Bring a hat for shade during warm or hot weather and to keep him warm on a cold weather. Sunscreen is a must no matter the season. SPF 30 is recommended especially for babies with fair skin.
  • Food and Clothing. If your baby is formula-fed, bring along ready-to-use formula with you. It is important to review your airline’s policies on bringing formula on board. Be prepared to have your formula tested and screened by security officers. As for clothing, always have an extra set of clothes for you and your baby in your carry-on, in case of diaper leaks, spit-up, and other mess. Bring enough diapers you need for the trip – and don’t forget the diaper cream.
  • Entertainment. Bring your baby’s favorite toys that will keep her occupied while she’s awake during the flight. Bring a toy that she hasn’t seen before, too, as it can be effective in calming her down when she gets fussy due to boredom. Only pack a reasonable amount of toys, though.

Going around

If your baby can sit up, a lightweight stroller can help a lot in going around. You can also opt to wear your baby – use a front carrier, a sling, or a backpack. Your baby will most likely nap while you go around, so make sure that the gears you bring will be comfortable for her to nap in. It would help to practice walking with her in them at home before you leave. In case you have to take a taxi or rent a car to go around, you need to bring your car seat. Almost every country have car seat laws that require infant and children to be in car seats when travelling.

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