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One of the more stressful aspects of traveling is deciding what to pack. In most cases, you cannot bring all the things you want to when traveling, especially when you have limited space in your car or if you’re traveling via airplane where you’re only allowed a certain weight for baggage that you can bring. What you must remember is to bring all of your essentials, and one of these essentials is a first aid kit.

Just like packing your regular baggage for a trip, you would want to fill your first aid kit with all the things that you think you will need, however, you must resist the urge to do this. A heavy first aid kit would mean that you’ll just leave it somewhere instead of bringing it with you for emergencies.

Here’s a list of things that any travel first aid kit must have:

1. Bandages. – The most common type of minor injury you will encounter when traveling is small cuts and grazes. A stock of bandages in different sizes would be able to cover cuts and grazes after cleaning. An exposed wound, no matter how small, can get infected and could lead to more serious injuries.

2. Gauze. – Gauze can be used for a lot of things during an emergency. It can be used to apply pressure to an open wound and stop the bleeding. It can also be used to clean wounds, soak up blood, and even be part of a basic dressing for small wounds.

3. Surgical tape or medical adhesive. – This can be used to hold bandages or gauzes in place.

4. Small scissors. – This can be used to cut bandages or gauzes to the size that you need. In dire circumstances, this can be used to cut pieces of clothing that are covering a wound.

5. Small tweezers. – A very handy tool, tweezers can be used for a lot of different things. It can be used to remove splinters or even small stones or dirt from a wound.

6. Antiseptic wipe. – Although often overlooked when packing a travel first aid kit, antiseptic wipes are very important. It is used to wipe down any wound before putting on bandages or gauzes to make sure that a wound will not get infected. It can also be used to wipe and disinfect your scissors or tweezers if you need to use them around any open wound.

7. Antibacterial cream. – This is a good combination with antiseptic wipes to make sure that a wound will not get infected. The application of antibacterial cream can also help wounds to heal faster.

8. Painkiller. – It’s best to have painkillers in any first aid kit. It can help relieve a headache or other small pains that you or a travel companion is experiencing.

9. Anti-diarrhea tablets. – Although it is not advisable to take anti-diarrhea tablets as a cure for diarrhea, you would need this just in case you’re in the middle of traveling and there is no available restroom in the vicinity.

10. Antihistamines. – These will help with allergic reactions. There are times when you encounter allergens while traveling, especially if your destination is somewhere you’ve never been to before.

The list above only contains the basic things that you will need for a travel first aid kit; you can add things that you absolutely need. If you’re traveling with people who have chronic medical conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes, you should take that into consideration and bring a handful of their medicine as well, aside from the ones that they will pack themselves.

Travel first aid kits are very important to have, especially if you get into an accident, so it’s best to have all the essentials in it and have it easily accessible to you at all times when traveling. You should also take note that a lighter and smaller first aid kit is something you can place inside of the car with you instead of the car’s trunk, which would make it more accessible during a car accident.

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