There are exceptional drivers who haven’t had a car accident in decades, and there are people with checkered driving records filled with accidents. People in the second category are often in denial about the true state of their driving skills. For the benefit of these drivers, here are three signs that you are at high risk of getting into an accident:

Your Driving History Has Multiple Car Accidents

Accidents do happen, but when they’re a recurring pattern, they aren’t fluke occurrences. The average person has three to four accidents over their entire lifetime as a driver. That amounts to about one or less car accidents per decade for someone who stops driving at the age of sixty. If this doesn’t describe your driving record, the problem is your driving, or more accurately, your driving habits. Habits are very difficult to break and are the reason for your bad record.

You Drive Aggressively

If driving makes you impatient or aggressive, a lot of your driving decisions are made impulsively. That is, your emotions make you react to the actions of other drivers. When other bad drivers endanger you, you immediately try to get even or teach the offender a lesson he won’t forget.

Slow drivers can annoy you to the point of your risking your life and those of other motorists with improper passing. In fact, you feel that all slow drivers infringe on your personal driving freedoms. You also have many aggressive driving habits that you do unthinkingly, such as tailgating and racing through traffic lights to beat yellow lights.

Your Mind Is Disengaged from Your Driving

If you feel that driving is an unproductive time that’s better spent doing work on your laptop, listening to audiotapes, or doing business over your cell phone, it’s just a matter of time before something unexpected takes you by surprise and gets you into an accident. Driving demands use of your entire brain. The autopilot mode cannot cope with unexpected events.

In addition, distracted driving can also prevent your brain from processing all the visual inputs it receives from the eyes. This literally makes you blind to many objects, cars, and pedestrians on the road. There are many other forms of distracted driving such as daydreaming, thinking about non-driving things, eating, fiddling with the GPS, and so forth.

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