Many people worry about their personal safety. They avoid walking in dark alleys. They look both ways before crossing the street. And they lock their doors at night. However, when using a car, many people don’t use seatbelts. It isn’t because they’re unaware of the potential danger because seatbelt safety is taught when getting a driver’s license. It could be because car accidents don’t happen every day, and people consider one an unlikely event. Here are three reasons given by people for not wearing seatbelts:

I’m a Good Driver and Never Get into Accidents

If the driver next to you on a multilane highway suddenly rammed into you without warning, no amount of skill would have prevented this. A drunk driver or an aggressive driver who failed to see you are perfectly capable of doing this to you. The actions of unpredictable drivers can take you by surprise, and it’s not always possible to defend yourself against them.

I Don’t Need a Seatbelt in the Backseat

Holding on the seat in front of you won’t hold you in place in a high-speed accident or if the car starts tumbling. The violent motions will turn you into a projectile, which will endanger yourself and everyone else in the car including those who buckled up.

It’s My Car and I Can Do What I Want in It

Wearing a seatbelt is the law. In addition, driving a car is not a personal right. It’s a privilege. By not wearing a seatbelt, you endanger others in the car because an accident can turn you into a missile (as discussed previously). Seatbelts also hold you in place when making hard emergency maneuvers while trying to avoid a car crash. Not wearing one may actually contribute to an accident and may be considered negligence in a civil lawsuit against you.

People who don’t wear seatbelts get away with it because they haven’t been in an accident yet. However, most people get involved in at least three or four accidents in their lifetimes. It’s only a matter of time. Be safe and wear a seatbelt.

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