Drunk Driving Myths That Cause Car Accidents

November 17th, 2016 by Patrick Hogan

Alcohol consumption and driving are both a part of our culture. When the two occur together, or when motorists drive after having too many drinks, car accidents are sometimes the result. Unfortunately, people often justify their DUI activity with the misinformation they carry around in their heads. This misinformation is indirectly responsible for thousands of highway deaths every year. Here are five of these myths:

Large People Handle Alcohol Better

Large people will simply drink more to achieve their alcohol “buzz.” At this point, they are as unfit to drive as any person under the influence of alcohol. Fatigue and an empty stomach will also increase alcohol’s effect on an individual.

You Can Avoid Getting Caught by Driving Carefully When Drunk

If driving carefully means driving slowly, then you are obstructing traffic and may cause an accident. The police often pull over motorists that aren’t keeping up with the traffic flow. If your judgment is sufficiently impaired, you may drive the wrong way on an interstate highway or on a one-way street. Finally, you can get caught at a checkpoint.

Coffee Will Counter the Effects of Alcohol

Coffee only serves to keep you awake. It does not take the alcohol out of your system and doesn’t counter your slow reaction time or impaired judgment. Don’t confuse your wakefulness from coffee with alertness. The two are different things.

It’s OK to Drive When Your Blood Alcohol Is within the Legal Limit

Any amount of alcohol impairs your driving. It’s just a matter of degree. If you combine driving under the influence of alcohol with other factors such as lack of sleep or driving while distracted, the alcohol in your blood stream increases your risk of an accident.

It’s Safer to Drive after Drinking Beer Than Hard Drinks

Alcohol intoxication is the same whether it’s from drinking beer, vodka, or any other alcoholic drink. You will simply drink more beer to get the “desired” intoxication.

Don’t endanger yourself and others by driving under the influence of alcohol. However, if a drunk driver injured you in an accident, contact us at Hogan Injury.

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