Motorcycle helmets save lives by protecting the head against injury in an accident. People who dislike the feel of wearing a helmet, often justify themselves with arguments that refute established knowledge about the safety benefits of helmets. This established knowledge is based on testing and statistical studies covering decades of helmet use. Over time, some of these arguments against using helmets become popular myths.

How do myths increase the lethality of motorcycle accidents? By convincing motorcyclists to ride without helmets.

A Helmet Is Too Thin to Protect against the Forces of a High-Speed Impact

This is true in the sense that a helmet won’t protect someone impacting a vertical wall head first at highway speeds. Even if the helmet did protect the person’s head, the rest of his body such as his neck, back, and internal organs would suffer extensive damage.

However, most (90%) motorcycle accidents cause the person to fall from his bike to the ground where the impact force is only caused by the vertical fall. The horizontal speed is dissipated when the biker slides and tumbles along the pavement. This is true even if the rider flies over his handle bars at high-speed. If he lands on flat pavement, the impact force is only caused by his vertical fall, not his horizontal speed.

Helmets Block Your Peripheral Vision

Helmets that comply with DOT requirements allow 210 degree vision, which extends beyond normal peripheral vision. In addition, a full face helmet protects your eyes against the wind, grit, and bugs, all of which are detrimental to your vision.

Helmets Will Break Your Neck

The helmet’s extra weight on the rider’s head isn’t a factor when the head hits the ground because the helmet’s weight is immediately supported by the ground. When jumping off the roof of a house and landing on your feet, the weight of your foot wear doesn’t factor into the extent of your leg injuries. However, the impact force of the landing will cause leg injuries. Likewise, it’s the shock of impact that damages the head and neck in a motorcycle accident. A helmet reduces this shock and therefore reduces the risk of injury to your head and neck.

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