Electricity has been a part of daily life for about a century. Today, it’s taken for granted to the point that much of the public has grown complacent about its dangers. Most of us aren’t even aware of the power lines next to our property boundaries. Electricity flows through the products we use and have the potential to cause great harm or possible death when using defective products.

While it’s important to be mindful of the dangers of electricity, public safety also depends on power companies, product manufacturers, and electrical contractors to comply with the safety regulations and codes that apply to their products and services. When they fail to do this, the result can be a debilitating injury or wrongful death. Here are three ways this can happen:

Dangerous Products

A common defect that makes products dangerous is faulty grounding. Metal components of power tools, for example, should have an electrical connection to the ground prong. The ground prong on a plug is round and connects to ground when plugged in. A device with defective grounding can cause electrocution, especially when standing barefoot on a wet bathroom floor. Swimming pool lights with faulty grounding have electrocuted people while using their pools.

Contractor Mistakes and Negligence

Faulty wiring caused by electrical contractor negligence endangers people. Sometimes a contractor may fail to use safety devices in areas requiring them. For example, ground-fault circuit-interrupters (GFCIs) should be installed in bathroom power outlets. GFCIs prevent electrocution in wet places. Failing to correctly wire the ground prong hole of an electrical outlet endangers the lives of people using the outlet.

Power Company Negligence

Downed power lines aren’t necessarily caused by a freak act of nature. Failure to trim back tree branches can cause rotted branches to fall and knock down a power line. A large branch that rubs and presses against a power line in windy weather can also bring it down. Poorly maintained poles will rot, become weak, and fall in a strong wind. You don’t have to touch a downed line in your yard to get electrocuted. Merely standing on the ground near it is sufficient.

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