Burn Pain and Suffering Compensation

Every year, thousands of people suffer burn injuries in the state of California. While some of these are relatively minor burns which heal quickly, others are life-changing injuries that dramatically affect every aspect of the victims’ lives. Some burn victims become physically disabled due to their injuries, others face amputation and some experience a loss of feeling or reduced mobility. All of these consequences of burn injuries are taken into account when evaluating the cost and impact of a burn injury.

In a burn injury claim, pain and suffering pertains to the wide range of injuries the plaintiff suffers from as a result of his or her burn injuries. In addition to physical pain it also includes any disabilities, disfigurements or emotional distress the burn victim has experienced and will experience in the future.

While it is not easy to put a value on pain and suffering, our Bay Area burn injury lawyers have the experience and ability needed to help burn injury victims obtain significant compensation amounts for their pain and suffering. Some of the factors we take into consideration when building your case includes:

  • The severity of your burns
  • How much pain you’ve endured, are enduring and will endure in the future
  • Your burn treatments and the pain involved with those treatments
  • The extent of your permanent disfigurement (if applicable)
  • The extent of your permanent disability (if applicable)
  • The emotional distress you are experiencing

Burn injuries tend to have a higher settlement value than other types of personal injuries due to the pain and permanent scarring associated with burns.

At Hogan Injury, we work hard to fight for the rights of burn victims who are seeking the compensation they deserve and need in order to move on with their lives. Our San Francisco burn injury lawyers are experienced in handling these types of personal injury cases. We know how to identify defendants and prove that these liable parties are responsible which helps ensure that the burn victims we represent are rightfully and fully compensated for their losses.

Burn victims can sustain their injuries in a number of different ways including:

  • Building Fires
  • Electrocution, electric shock and other electrical accidents
  • Dangerous chemical exposure
  • Automobile, truck and motorcycle accidents
  • Wild fires
  • Flame-retardant clothing and products which are defective
  • Thermal burns
  • Workplace accidents

Because burn injury victims often require long-term hospitalization, skin grafts and reconstructive surgeries, burn injuries are some of the most costly and painful injuries to treat. Burn pain and suffering compensation can cover all related medical expenses, the cost of future medical care, surgical fees and the cost of physical and occupational therapy. Compensation can also cover time missed from work, lost income and the inability to work in the future.

Emotional distress compensation is frequently sought after by burn victims as it is common for these individuals to suffer from depression, anxiety, stress and post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). Severe burn injuries drastically change all aspects of one’s life. A severely burned individual can suddenly face very serious physical disabilities, loss of mobility, interpersonal problems, scarring and disfigurement.

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