Although the huge size and weight of semi trucks make them seem indestructible, you would be surprised at how easily they can lose control. Large semi trucks were built to haul lots of cargo rather than for a stable ride. Its high center of gravity and its long length make it vulnerable to jackknifing on slippery roads and to rollovers.

Unlike jackknifing, rollovers can happen on a perfectly dry pavement. This uncommon but deadly truck accident is often caused by misjudgment and negligence on the part of truck drivers. Here are three reasons it happens:

Taking a Corner Too Fast

The handling of the trailer pulled by the tractor depends on the load it carries. A trailer with a top-heavy load can’t round corners and curves as fast as one with a low center of gravity. Truck drivers must always keep this in mind. If the driver doesn’t pay attention to this, he may round a curve too quickly for the load he’s pulling and cause a rollover. If this happens while rounding a curve on a highway, cars in the opposing lane could collide with the tipped-over truck.

Driver Fatigue or Inattention

A drowsy or distracted truck driver may not notice dangerous traffic events until the last second and attempt to make an evasive maneuver that’s too extreme for the semi rig to handle. A hard swerve on dry pavement may cause the trailer to immediately roll over, or lead to a series of over-corrections that then tips the rig over. Sometimes a drowsy driver may allow the rig’s right side to go off the road shoulder. Unstable soil or a slope is enough to cause the top-heavy trailer to tip over.

Poor Trailer Loading

If the truck driver doesn’t keep a close watch on how the trailer is loaded at a loading dock, the cargo could get stacked in a way that┬ámakes the trailer top-heavy. Poor loading can also make the cargo unstable. A top-heavy trailer will cause a rollover when rounding sharp curves, while unstable cargo can shift and cause the semi truck to lose control.

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