When one vehicle collides into the side of another, it’s called a broadside accident. For motorists, broadside accidents are dangerous because only a metal and glass door separates the victim from the colliding vehicle. For motorcyclists getting broadsided by a car, the situation is more severe because there’s nothing protecting the person from the impacting car.

The area of impact occurs at the motorcyclist’s legs and hip area. This causes fractures to the leg and hip. Injury can occur to the organs within the hip area such as the intestines, reproductive organs, and urinary tract. The violent shock force of the impact can snap the spine in the lower back. Further injury to any part of the victim’s body may occur as the result of ejection from their motorcycle. As is evident from this description, a broadside collision is one of the most deadly of all possible motorcycle accident types.

The Causes of Broadside Motorcycle Accidents

Many of the causes of broadside motorcycle accidents are the same as those involving two cars. However, the smaller size and different shape of motorcycles make them more difficult for motorists to see. This increases the motorcyclist’s risk of becoming a victim. The causes include:

  • Intoxication. The driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol is more likely to commit traffic violations that cause this type of accident. Their impaired senses also make them less likely to see a motorcycle crossing in front of them.
  • Distraction. Distractions of any kind can cause this accident. However, cell phone use is among the more common of distraction causes. This is due to their widespread use among the driving population.
  • Running red lights. The motorist racing to get through a red light can get tunnel vision, which makes the person less likely to see a motorcycle.
  • Failure to yield the right of way. Motorists failing to see the motorcyclist at a yield sign, or rolling through a stop sign, often cause broadside motorcycle accidents.
  • Failure to check blind spots. A motorist switching lanes on a multilane road without checking their blind spot can collide with an unseen motorcycle.

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