Head-on collisions are among the most dangerous ways that two vehicles can crash. The impacts occur at high velocity because the speed of both cars add. Poorly executed passing on two lane highways often cause this type of accident. Although passing another car using the oncoming traffic lane will always be dangerous, bad passing habits increase the danger to unacceptable levels. Here are six dangerous passing practices:

  • Passing a vehicle that’s traveling near the speed limit. Exceeding the speed limit is illegal regardless of the circumstances. The passing zones, which are the road sections with broken white lines on your side, aren’t designed for excessive speeds beyond the speed limit. On the other hand, if you pass at the speed limit, there’s an insufficient speed difference with the other car to do this safely.
  • Passing multiple vehicles at a time. This may increase your passing distance beyond what’s available. Multiple car passing is often an impulsive act, which means little consideration goes into the decision.
  • Passing when followed by a tailgater. If you choose to abort your passing attempt, the tailgater will block your escape back into the right lane. She will either occupy your previous right lane position or will follow you into the left lane.
  • Passing too close to an intersection. If the vehicle you’re passing blocks your view of the intersection, a car may pull out in front of you from the intersection.
  • Passing in poor weather conditions. The posted speed limit does not apply to poor road or weather conditions. Safe driving in rain or fog requires slower speeds. Poor visibility interferes with distance and speed judgments, while poor road traction degrades steering performance and braking.
  • Passing in a “no passing” zone. Passing is not allowed on road sections with double yellow lines. Don’t allow impatience, commitments, or anger override the law and common sense. Nothing is worth the risk of dying or killing another person.

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