Obeying the traffic laws and safe driving isn’t easy when many people on the road don’t share your mindset. You make an effort to allow a safe following distance only to have a tailgater negate this by following you too closely. How do you deal with aggressive tailgaters without becoming aggressive yourself? Here are five suggestions:

Don’t Get Drawn into the Aggressive Driving “Game”

While getting some revenge may seem tempting, the other driver will simply respond in kind. The result is an unpleasant and dangerous road battle that could end in your being arrested or getting into a car crash. The chances are good that the tailgater has been an aggressive driver for a very long time. Don’t be like him.

Allow the Tailgater to Pass

If you’re in the passing lane of a multilane highway, signal, and pull into the right lane. Use the left lane for passing only. If you’re on a two-lane highway with one lane for each direction, drive at a constant speed. Appeasing the tailgater by speeding up won’t help because he will speed up as well and remain on your tail. Stick to your current speed. When you reach a section that allows passing, your constant speed will make it easier for the driver behind to pass safely. All of his judgments are based on your speed that is constant.

Increase Your Following Distance

Increasing your following distance allows you to brake more gently when responding to traffic events ahead. This decreases your risk of the tailgater rear-ending you. When increasing your distance, slow down gradually by letting up on the gas somewhat so that you don’t surprise the tailgater. Slowing down too rapidly may also cause the tailgater to misinterpret this as an aggressive gesture.

Don’t Tap the Brake Pedal

While this might cause the tailgater to back off, the effect is only temporary and may make the person angry. In addition, he will ignore further brake tapping on your part, even when your braking is real. This can set you up for a rear end accident.

Pull over to the Side When There Are No Passing Zones

Both the tailgater and you want the same thing. He’s not enjoying the experience any more than you. If the road has no passing zones, pull over where it’s safe and allow the tailgater to pass. Failing to do this may tempt him to pass you on a blind curve. Remember to signal before pulling over.

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