Thousands of vehicles travel on our country’s highways. Many of them are large trucks transporting many different types of cargo. Trucks provide a necessary service for us and we must share the road with tractor trailers at all hours of the day and night. We all must be aware of the dangers to remain safe on the road.

Lane Use

Large trucks are not allowed in the far left (passing) lane on multi-lane highways. This is a safety requirement.

Blind spots

Just like cars, trucks have blind spots. Truck drivers cannot see what is directly behind them. They also have a blind spot on both sides of the truck about ¾ of the way down. The actual blind spot is dependent on the mirror array and the ability of the driver to constantly watch the mirrors and pay attention to what is going on directly in front of the vehicle. The best rule is to stay clear of a truck’s blind spot. Do not drive alongside a truck if possible. Pass a truck completely when needed.

Stopping Distance

Large trucks and tractor trailers need extra room to stop. They need to maintain more of a distance from the vehicle in front of them. They need more room in the event an accident or sudden stop event occurs in front of them. If a truck attempts to stop suddenly from a high speed, they could jack-knife, roll over, or drive right over vehicles in front of them.


Trucks often leave parts of their tires on the highways. These are the remnants of retreads. Truck tires are expensive to replace when the tread wears down. Truck drivers will have their tires refurbished with a new layer of tread. Over time the extra layer can become overheated and separate from the tire or separate from a blowout. The tire remnants create a hazard for cars on the highway.

Hazardous materials

Many trucks are carrying hazardous materials on the road. These can include fuels or dangerous chemicals. Trucks carrying hazardous materials are labeled with placards identifying the contents by a code number. The dangers vary by the contents of the vehicle from explosion, fire, or poisoning.

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