Rideshare Accident

April 20th, 2017 by Patrick Hogan

Ridesharing options are gaining more popularity. Many of us don’t think twice about pulling out our smartphone and opening an app to call an Uber or Lyft driver when we need to get somewhere.

Who is liable in the event of an accident? When you are a passenger in someone else’s vehicle, there are always multiple considerations of liability if there is an accident.  When riding in public transit there are certain risks as well as protections and limits of liability as these modes of transportation are government run or contracted.

What liabilities do you need to be concerned about when using a rideshare service? What are the differences, if any? We make assumptions when we call a rideshare ride. Most of us have used paid rider services such as cabs and busses and other forms of public transportation. We are usually safe and think nothing of it.  We do hear of accidents occurring with these forms of transportation. What are the risks and who is liable?

Each rideshare vehicle is privately owned and the drivers are independent contractors. They are not employees. They each carry their own insurance.  Rideshare services do have insurance coverage for accidents but those impacted must be aware that the carriers will be seeking ways to not pay for damages or limit payout. An accident with a rideshare vehicle is not the same as other rides. Riders signed an acknowledgement when they signed up for the app.

When we are involved in a motor vehicle accident in our own vehicle we know or assume that a call to the police for immediate assistance and then to our insurance company.  We have confidence that everything will be sorted out. When we are a passenger in any vehicle we are dependent on the insurance that we are carrying or the owner of the vehicle at fault.

Who is at fault and how do I get assistance for my injuries? If I had personal property damaged or lost in the accident, how do I get compensated for my loss?  Who is liable under what circumstances? Am I ever liable? Are there limits to liability? What about contingent liability?

Contact our experienced firm for representation should you be involved in an accident while utilizing rideshare services.

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