Public Transit Accidents

Many people are injured by or while on public transit in California each year. Public transit consists of buses, ferries, taxis, trains, trolleys, cable cars, sight-seeing boats & buses and airport shuttles. These public transportation services are referred to as common carriers. A common carrier is a company or service that carries passengers as part of a business operation that is open to the public.

Under law, common carriers must exercise the highest degree of care and vigilance to ensure that passengers and the public are safe.

If you have been injured in a public transit accident, you should speak to our San Francisco personal injury attorneys. We routinely represent people like you who are seeking retribution and compensation for the injuries they sustained.

A common carrier be it a taxicab service or a sight-seeing boat must:

  • Provide extra help and seating for elderly and disabled passengers
  • Provide a seat for every passengers (except for municipal buses)
  • Ensure that their vehicles are not carrying too many passengers than what is allowed by law
  • Ensure that equipment is well-maintained and in good working order
  • Ensure that vehicles don’t start and stop suddenly
  • Ensure that drivers/operators do not drive erratically
  • Ensure that passengers are let off in safe, areas at their destinations

Many common carriers are governmental entities which means you have a very limited time in which to file a claim. This is why you should not delay in seeking legal assistance because the clock is ticking and you don’t want a statute of limitations to prevent you from obtaining the justice and compensation you need.

Because there are so many types of public transit, lawsuits for personal injuries involving these types of accidents can be rather complicated. The rules and laws for government-owned vehicles are different from those for privately owned vehicles. The legal team at Hogan Injury understands the complexities of these types of cases. We have the expertise and resources needed to help our clients win their cases against common carriers so that they can collect the compensation they rightfully and legally deserve.

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