Travel and Aviation Accidents

Common carrier” is a legal classification given to a mode of transportation that services the public. Tour buses, cruise ships and commercial airlines are classified as common carriers.

Aviation has come a long way since the Wright Brothers first flew their contraption at a field in Kitty Hawk. Now, after more than a century, air travel has become relatively safer, and in fact is one of the safer ways to travel. However, there are times when accidents happen, and they often result in bodily injuries or even fatalities. Due to the nature of public transportation services, in accidents, common carriers are held under stricter standards of care compared with private carriers.

This section provides articles and resources containing information on common carriers such as aviation travel and injuries caused by an accident involving common carriers such as tour buses, airlines, cruise ships and others.

Learn About Travel and Aviation Accidents

  • What is a Common Carrier? Common carriers are those that provide transportation services to the public. They are held under stricter liability when accidents occur. Read on to know more about common carriers and which mode of transportation falls under this legal category.
  • Aviation Accidents: Overview Aviation accidents don’t only involve accidents related to an airplane crash. There are accidents that may happen in different ways such as while the plane is in the air or ground. This article provides an overview on issues related to aviation accidents.
  • Aviation Accidents and Product Liability When accidents involving airplanes happen, it’s not always only the fault of the pilot, the carrier or the staff. There are times when the plane manufacturer too may be held liable for a plane crash. This article provides information regarding the possible product liability claims in an aviation accident.
  • In-Flight Injuries on Airplanes Accidents can happen in an airplane, even while the plane is in the air. Turbulence or equipment malfunction may happen. These don’t have to necessarily involve an airplane crash for injuries to occur. Read this article to know more about issues involving in-flight injuries.
  • Tour Bus Accidents Tour bus accidents may involve different potential defendants, and the liability will depend on what is stated in the contract’s terms. This article provides information on how liability for bus accidents may be determined and other issues related to such accidents.
  • Cruise Ship Accidents Even if cruise ships are probably the most luxurious of all the common carriers, there are times when accidents involving such ships happen. This article provides information on issues involving accidents in cruise ships.

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