Nunchucks and the Law

Nunchuck martial arts fighting sticks are conventional martial arts weapons that started from Okinawa, Japan. There are pairs of nunchucks, also known as nunchaku, that have two short sticks which are connected by a chain or rope.

These nunchuck martial arts fighting sticks are used as single martial arts weapon, or in pairs. They are considered illegal in some states and nations.

Nunchucks usually emerges in mass media. Movies like Dragnet, Ghost World, and Bruce Lee martial arts movies, and animated television shows, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, all introduce nunchucks in fight scenes. Nunchucks were also used in gang violence, and as a consequence, there are many who fascinate and/or did not understand the hazard and danger of these kinds of weapons.

Laws Governing Nunchucks

Are the nunchucks legal? The states in the US have varying opinions regarding this question. There are certain states that forbid the personal ownership of nunchucks and nunchaku. But most of the states do not. Here are some of the states in US who have laws that prohibit the use of personal nunchuck:

Certain states allowed a restricted exception for use of nunchaku only in martial arts studios.

The federal appeals court ruled against the New York resident who argued that the prohibition of nunchuck of the state was illegal because it prohibits the martial artists from their trainings with nunchucks. The court argued with the individual and stating certain reasons why the lawmakers of New York ruled to prohibit nunchucks:

  • The sponsor of the bill claimed that nunchaku is designed as a weapon and was not intended to injure or kill
  • Nunchucks are “widely used by muggers and street gangs and became the cause of many severe injuries

The decision of the court means that New York had good basis for prohibiting nunchucks.

Aside from US, there are some countries consist of laws that ban nunchucks an nunchaku such as:

In Hongkong, they permit the legal possession of nunchucks and nunchaku by martial arts instructors only and who will be allowed to get a special license from the police.

Dangers of Nunchucks

Injuries sustained from nunchucks can be severe. Martial arts weapons are mostly composed of hardened sticks from wood, metal, or plastic. They are generally linked by short length of rope, metal chain, or leather. When it is being used in technical way, the sticks can reach high velocities and can strike an object with remarkable force. Nunchucks can also result to broken bones, concussions, cuts, and eye and nose injuries.

The nunchuck is designed and created for the purpose of using it as a fulcrum where the assailant holds one stick while attacking with the other stick attached to the first one. As a consequence, serious but non-fatal injuries due to nunchucks usually occur.

Obtaining Legal Assistance

There are several state and deferral laws about nunchucks that individuals must understand and adhere to. If you are accused of possession of nunchuck, or being the victim of nunchuck-related crime or injury, you should find an experienced lawyer immediately to discuss your legal options.

The following are certain legal factors that your lawyer will review and discuss with you:

  • What it means to be accused of violating your state’s laws on nunchucks, including the components of the crime, the potential defenses, and the duration of the probable criminal sentence.
  • If you or any of your family members become victims of nunchuck violence, whether you can recover the damages from the assailants and their employers.

Some Safety Tips on Nunchucks

  • Adhere to the state laws on nunchucks. If you are in a state where the martial arts are not banned, then you must still use total care when handling or practicing with them.
  • While if you are not in your home state, monitor the appropriate local and state regulations regarding the use of nunchucks and nunchaku.
  • Similar to any harmful weapon, nunchucks will always have the chances of hurting other people, whether they are intended or accidental. If somebody is hurt, or some property is destroyed while you are using nunchaku, you can be held legally responsible in a lawsuit, and/or face charges in a criminal court.
  • You should know if nunchucks are legal in your home state so you can get safety training and hands-on training with the use of nunchucks.
  • NEVER use nunchaku when you are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Never allow children with or near nunchucks.

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