Dangerous Consumer Products

All kinds of consumer products can turn to become products liability cases if their design, way of manufacture, or failure to warn of potential risks that can cause injuries to the consumers. Aside from the dangerous drugs, defective automobiles, food, medical devices, toxic chemical, and other products that people buy and use daily can cause injuries and the manufacturers, retailers, and other parties that have contributed to market the products can be held responsible. Product liability lawsuits are different from personal injury claims. It entails getting proofs that the manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and suppliers manufactured or mishandled the products, unsafe due to contamination after production, unsafe because of insufficient and proper instructions or warning to customers about the potential risks related with the product. This section gives us a better overview of the different consumer products but have been subject to product liability lawsuits.

Know the different dangerous consumer products:

  • Cigarette Smoking InjuriesSmoking is the single most preventable source of diseases and death in the USA. Find out more about the dangers of cigarettes, related medical expenses, how to get legal assistance for injuries, and many more.
  • Light CigarettesLight cigarettes may be smoother and lighter on the throat and chest but they can be harmful like the regular cigarettes. This section provides information, news, frequently-asked-questions, and sources about the dangers of light cigarettes.
  • Chewing Tobacco and Smokeless TobaccoChewing tobacco users are potential for life-threatening injuries, including oral cancers, esophageal cancer, heart attacks, and strokes. This section gives your information about the dangers of chewing tobacco, smokeless tobacco class action lawsuits, and ways to get legal help.
  • CigarsCigars have greater levels of cancer-causing substances such as nitrosamines and tar compared to cigarettes. Find out more about the potential health risks of smoking cigars, medical treatment costs, and ways to get legal help.
  • Knife LawsDependent upon the circumstances, bringing particular kinds of knives may be illegal under the state or federal law. Find out more about your legal rights as knife owner, the dangers of bringing a knife, and state and federal knife laws.
  • Nunchucks and the LawNunchucks refer to the martial arts fighting sticks and a leading toy in the USA. There are only 4 states, which include California and New York that have laws that prohibit the personal use of nunchucks. This section has information about nunchucks laws and the dangers that are related with nunchucks

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