Chewing Tobacco and Smokeless Tobacco Injuries

As cigarette smoking kills an approximately 443,000 individuals every year, thousands suffer on tobacco-related injuries from chewing tobacco which is also known as smokeless tobacco or “snuff.”

According to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tobacco remains as the most preventable causes of diseases, disability, and even death in US.

The smokeless tobacco may appear to be harmless because it is being used openly by athletes, celebrities and other personalities for many decades now. Those who have lost loved ones due to mouth cancer or other cancers caused by chewing tobacco would disagree.

The point is, smokeless tobacco and chewing tobacco are fatal tobacco products.

Federal Warning Labels: Smokeless and Chewing Tobacco

The smokeless tobacco is potentially dangerous that the federal law requires warnings to be placed on every pack of chewing tobacco. Various warnings are direct about smoking and tobacco dangers.

Smokeless tobacco warnings are as follows:

  • WARNING: This Product May Cause Gum Disease and Tooth Loss
  • WARNING: This Product May Cause Mouth Cancer
  • WARNING: This Product Is Not a Safe Alternative to Cigarettes

The Dangers of using Smokeless Tobacco and Chewing Tobacco

Similar to cigarettes, pipes, cigars, and hookah water pipes, this smokeless tobacco being chewed or in the form of snuff is considered to pose high risks of cancers.

Chewing tobacco has 28 carcinogens which are known to cause cancer. The nicotine in the chewing tobacco, similar to cigarettes and cigars, is strong enough to develop an addictive chemical dependency, even for individuals who have never taken tobacco on the first-hand basis.

Users of chewing tobacco are faced with fatal injuries that include:

  • Esophageal cancer
  • Oral cancers of the mouth and throat
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • Thinning of gums
  • Bone loss around the roots of the teeth
  • Lost and/or discolored teeth
  • Acute bad breath
  • Increased risks of having heart diseases, strokes, and heart attacks
  • Being addictive to nicotine
  • Developing leukoplakia, a condition of the mouth characterized by white sores that may later develop into cancer
  • Worn down teeth due to scratching and abrasion
  • Pregnant women who use smokeless tobacco increase risks for preeclampsia, premature birth, and having a baby with fatally very low birth weight

Medical Treatment for Injuries Due to Chewing Tobacco

The cost of treating tobacco-associated injuries from non-cigarette tobacco products, and the continuing healthcare costs for curing related injuries and conditions are overwhelming. Tobacco –associated diseases such as cancer can be strongly fatal and can get progressively worst in due time.

The treatment costs, medication, and acute care can bring financial burden for the users of chewing tobacco and their families.

Physical injury is an aspect of tobacco-related strains while the mental impact that the victims of chewing tobacco can experience due to chewing tobacco can really be significant.

Smokeless Tobacco Class Actions

There are states that filed legal cases against the tobacco companies over the use of smokeless chewing tobacco, marketing, and health effects on users.

If you are using or have used smokeless or chewing tobacco products, you should contact your lawyer whom you can rely to learn your rights according to your state policies, if your state attempted to sue the producers of smokeless tobacco. Some of these states are the Massachusetts, Oklahoma, California, Kansas, New Hampshire, and Wyoming.

Chewing and Smokeless Tobacco Injuries – Your Legal Rights

If you or any of your loved ones are experiencing tobacco-related injuries from chewing tobacco or smokeless tobacco, you may be entitled for compensation for the present and future expenses, and special legal damages.

It is indeed very important that you must contact a reliable and experienced lawyer and learn about how your state can help you with lawsuits.

The following are some of the legal considerations that the lawyer can discuss with you:

  • If you and any of your loved one are entitled to compensation for present and future medical and treatment costs;
  • If the smokeless and chewing tobacco injuries can entitle you and any of your loved one to recover the damages for suffering; and
  • If you or any of your loved one can recover the lost wages from work, and other personal expenses due to chewing tobacco or smokeless tobacco use.

Smokeless and Chewing Tobacco Injuries – Getting Some Legal help

The scores of product liability, unjust death, and personal injury were cases that smokers and their families have filed against the tobacco companies for almost three decades already.

If you or any of your loved one suffered a disease or injury caused by the smokeless or chewing tobacco, visit you doctor. Then, contact and visit an experienced lawyer to discuss your legal choices and your rights violated caused by using tobacco.

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