Stages of a Personal Injury Case

There are so many forms of accident and injury lawsuits. In spite of this, the basic steps are generally constant and you can just be familiar with these common rules and never get lost. The next paragraphs will assist you in remembering the steps which will hopefully be your guide should you experience the need to know the court procedures. Learn a) what you can reasonably anticipate when you will be meeting your lawyer; b) the initial court filings and documents necessary to start the action; c) how to establish your facts to give rise to your cause of action and be able to get your claim in the end; d) how the cases are extinguished or how the court is able to dispose of the case effectively; e) what actually occurs and happens during trial; f) how to be able to claim your award by collecting on the judgment by the court. These articles are sure to prepare you for what’s happening once you walk into court.

  • Meeting with an Attorney:  You should have a certain expectation on what can happen when you get to meet a lawyer. In this case, you would know how to prepare your side to make your first meeting worthwhile.
  • Starting the Case: Initial Court Papers: It is the duty of your lawyer to explain each step. By doing this, you understand more about the process and you will be able to ask your lawyer any question you might have about the case and the process.
  • Fact-Finding and Discovery Even if you have the details on your facts, careful investigation on analyses might even lead you to new facts which could help you establish your case.
  • Resolution before Trial: Motions: It is important to know what motions you ca file and what you cannot. This is important to ensure that your motion will not just get dismissed after you have put your diligent efforts drafting them.
  • Settlement: Most of the time, lawyers would prefer to just settle instead of going to trial. This is in order to save time and be able to get the award and arrive at a compromise.
  • What Happens at Trial? Trials are usually portrayed by media as something elegant where eloquent lawyers argue before the judge. It is the duty of the lawyer to explain the truth behind what happens in trial.
  • Collecting Money after Judgment: The journey does not end with merely getting a favorable judgment. You should be able to collect in order to satisfy your claim.
  • Appealing a Decision or JudgmentLearn how appeals work — including the differences between trials and appeals, what gets into the “record on appeal” and what happens afterward.

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