Personal Injury Case: Meeting with an Attorney

When you first meet your attorney after the accident, you should tell him or her everything that you know about the accident. Depending on the nature of the accident and the complexity of your injuries, the first meeting can last for a few minutes or can go on for a couple of hours. The attorney will need as much information as you can provide. The attorney will ask you some questions. Answer the questions. Provide correct answers. Do not withhold any information. The attorney will need the information to review your case.

Here are a few things that you can expect in your first meeting with your attorney.

  • You may be asked to sign a form that authorizes your medical care providers to release your medical information to the attorney. The attorney will need this information to review your case and also as evidence at the time of trial or negotiations.
  • The attorney will ask you for information about your insurance coverage. Your insurance company may be bound by the policy to pay for your injuries regardless of who is at fault.
  • The attorney will ask you for the details of any talks or negotiations you have had with your insurance company after the accident and whether you have signed any forms provided by your insurance company.
  • The attorney will to know the details of the persons you have interacted with after the accident and details of the interactions.
  • If your injury isn’t obvious when you visit your attorney, the attorney may ask you for the current status of the injury. If you have any pain, the attorney may ask you to see your doctor. Delaying medical assistance can affect your personal injury claim significantly.
  • Once the attorney gets all the required information, he or she will consider your case and then decide on whether or not to take your case. If the attorney is not able to take your case, he or she may refer you to some other lawyer. If the attorney decides to take up your case, the attorney will discuss about his or her fees and if you find the fee acceptable, you will be required to sign a retainer agreement.
  • Once you sign the retainer agreement, the attorney will tell you what should be done next. The attorney will also inform you that you should not talk to anyone about the accident or the injury without first talking to him or her. The attorney will then begin the process of making your claim and will keep you posted about the developments.

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