Many people believe that insurance is there to protect them. They faithfully pay the regular premiums every month to maintain their policy. Often, they add extra coverage to ensure complete protection during any type of issue. This gives them peace of mind in knowing that they are protected in case of an incident. This is particularly true with auto insurance. Auto insurance companies promise coverage during the some of the worst times in a person’s life. Unfortunately, when a claim is made to an insurance company, the response can often be less than desired, especially when there is an injury or death that occurred from an auto accident. For these situations, it is strongly recommended to get assistance from an experienced Car Accident attorney.

Insurance companies do provide a beneficial service to those with policies. However, these companies are businesses. As with any business, the first priority is to make a profit. These profits can sometimes come at the expense of the injured party. Often, an insurance company will be very quick to settle a claim after an auto accident. For most people who have been in an auto accident, this can be a great thing to help them get back on the road. However, for those injured in an accident, this can pose serious issues.

When an injury occurs from an automobile accident, there are usually costly emergency room bills. Often, an insurance company will be quick to pay these bills. However, if there were serious injuries that require further medical care and loss of work, it could be more difficult to get the insurance company to pay. This is especially true if, the costs of this are still unknown. In addition, if the injury caused a permanent or long-term disability, this can cause ongoing costs that can be difficult or impossible for a person to cover out-of-pocket. Unfortunately, if a settlement has already been made with the insurance company, there is no recourse to get payment for these costs.

For these reasons, it is very important to discuss the car accident with an attorney before any insurance settlements are made. An attorney can review the case and help determine a settlement that will cover all costs of the accident. This can include any and all medical bills from the accident injury, as well as lost wages due to the injury. They can even assist in getting coverage for any long-term care one may need after the car accident. For more information, or to have your case evaluated, you can contact us.

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